The role of carbon capture and storage in Canada’s net zero future

July, 2021


Navius Research simulated 102 different net zero emission pathways for Canada and found carbon capture and storage (CCS) to be one technology that consistently stands out as an important component of Canada’s net zero future. Results indicate that achieving net zero emissions in Canada will likely require significant use of CCS technology, with Canada’s CCS industry growing to be 30-100 times its current size by 2050. However, investment in the transportation infrastructure needed to support a CCS industry of this scale is one of the most significant challenges we foresee and will need to be addressed. Developing shared pipeline infrastructure to transport carbon dioxide will be key to unlocking the CCS opportunity in Canada.

Download white paper 1: Canada's net zero economy will need carbon capture and storage

Download white paper 2: If you build a CO2 pipeline, capture and storage will come

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