Canada’s clean energy economy to 2030

Noel Melton
Barbar Moawad

June, 2021


Clean Energy Canada engaged Navius Research to quantify how Canada’s clean energy economy may grow in response to both existing policy and the federal government’s proposed “A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy” climate plan. This report builds on previous work that defined and quantified Canada’s clean energy economy and provides updated estimates of GDP, investment and employment in each clean energy sector of Canada’s economy through 2030.


  • Under current policies, clean energy GDP increases from $68 billion in 2020 to $95 billion in 2030, clean energy investment increases from $47 billion in 2020 to $50 billion in 2030, and clean energy jobs increase from 431 thousand in 2020 to 554 thousand in 2030.
  • The clean energy economy grows more quickly in response to the federal government’s new climate plan, at 4.7% annually between 2020 and 2030 relative to 3.4% under current policies.
  • Under the new climate plan, clean energy GDP reaches $107 billion in 2030, clean energy investment reaches $58 billion in 2030 and clean energy jobs reach 639 thousand in 2030.
  • Gains in the clean energy economy exceed reductions in the rest of the energy economy under the new climate plan.

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This study was commissioned and funded by Clean Energy Canada.

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