Supporting the development of CleanBC

March, 2019


CleanBC is a package of policies announced in 2019 to help the province achieve its 2030 greenhouse gas target. Navius worked closely with BC’s Climate Action Secretariat to forecast the greenhouse gas and economic impacts of CleanBC. We continue to work with the province to explore the impact of additional climate change mitigation policies to help decarbonize BC’s economy and meet greenhouse gas reduction targets in 2030 and beyond.


  • BC has formulated CleanBC, a package of policies to help put the province on track to meeting its greenhouse gas targets.
  • CleanBC includes a range of policies, from strengthening the carbon tax, implementing a zero emission vehicle mandate, electrifying upstream natural gas operations and providing purchase subsidies for heat pumps.
  • These policies are projected to get the province 75% of the way towards its 2030 target of 40% below 2007 levels.

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This study was commissioned and funded by the Government of British Columbia.

To learn more about this work, please contact Jotham Peters.

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