Potential of hydrogen to help decarbonize the Yukon

June, 2023


Hydrogen is an energy carrier that emits no greenhouse gas emissions when converted into useful energy, giving it the potential to help decarbonize a variety of energy end-uses across the economy. Provided that hydrogen is produced via low carbon means, it could provide an opportunity to help reduce the Yukon’s emissions, especially in the context of deep reduction targets such as net zero by mid-century.


  • The largest opportunity for hydrogen to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Yukon is in medium and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Other applications for hydrogen are likely to be more limited in the Yukon.
  • The most cost-effective option for low carbon hydrogen supply in the Yukon is likely via electrolysis.
  • Steps to encourage hydrogen use and adoption in the Yukon:
    • Ensure a growing supply of low-carbon electricity.
    • Explore the technical feasibility of underground storage.
    • Pursue an adaptive policy approach.

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