A study on the energy storage market in Canada

March, 2021


The objectives of this study are to:

1. Identify and describe energy storage technologies that could be
deployed in Canada.

2. Characterize the current energy storage market in Canada.

3. Simulate the potential adoption and value of energy storage
through mid-century within Canada under a variety of
assumptions about future GHG reduction policy and technology
costs and performance.

To accomplish these objectives, Navius developed a version of its
North America-wide electricity dispatch model (IESD), capable of
simulating the adoption of grid-scale storage.


  • This deck summarizes key insights from this study related to:
    1. Future investment in electricity storage technologies
    2. Development of Canada’s electricity system
    3. Economy-wide decarbonization
    4. Opportunities for future research

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This study was commissioned and funded by Natural Resources Canada.

To learn more about this research, please contact Noel Melton.

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