Analyzing Net Zero Pathways for Canada

June, 2023


Canada has committed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, which previous analyses have indicated there are many different pathways to achieve. It is within this context that Canadians for Clean Prosperity (Clean Prosperity) analyzed potential pathways to net zero emissions for Canada.

Here we present our technical report summarizing the approach used to undertake this analysis, which relies on Navius’ in-house energy-economy and electricity models. These models were used to simulate Canada’s energy economy under current and announced policy, as well as five net zero pathways characterized by assumptions about technology cost and availability – Hydrogen Net Zero, Renewables Net Zero, Fossil Fuels + CCUS Net Zero, Bioenergy Net Zero, and Electrification Net Zero. Results of this analysis were used in Clean Prosperity’s Net-Zero Pathways for Canada project.

Click above to download our technical report.

Click above to download Clean Prosperity’s first report: What progress are we on track to make by 2050?

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Download our technical report, Clean Prosperity’s first report or second report.

This study was commissioned and funded by Clean Prosperity.

To learn more about this research, please contact Brianne Riehl.

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