Potential of Small Modular Reactors in Hard-to-Decarbonize Industries

April, 2022


Small modular reactors (SMRs) are an emerging technology that have a variety of potential applications in Canada. To understand how SMRs could contribute to Canada’s decarbonization, Pollution Probe commissioned Navius to model the potential roles and impacts of this technology. This study focuses on their use in industry as a greenhouse gas emissions reduction solution.


  • Potential for SMR deployment in Canada is strongly tied to the level of climate mitigation effort.
  • If strong carbon reduction policies are pursued, SMR adoption could increase into the tens of thousands of MW by mid-century and reduce GHGs by 19-59 Mt CO2e.
  • A variety of industries are attractive for potential SMR deployment in Canada and all share one thing in common – a demand for high-grade
    process heat.

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This study was commissioned and funded by Pollution Probe.

To learn more about this research, please contact Noel Melton.

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