Evaluating the Macroeconomic Costs of Climate Change in Canada

September, 2022


Climate change is expected to have broad-reaching impacts on infrastructure, human health, and natural resources in Canada. The Canadian Climate Institute (CCI) has worked to quantify these impacts across almost two dozen impact areas, producing sectoral estimates of climate change impacts in a variety of formats and magnitudes. Here we present our technical report summarizing the approach used to integrate all these costs and benefits into a single macroeconomic model. Results of this analysis were used in the CCI’s report Damage Control: Reducing the costs of climate impacts in Canada.


  • gTech was customized to run in 10-year increments from 2015 to 2095 and to include new spending categories for climate damages and productivity shocks.
  • CCI provided estimates for climate change costs/benefits across almost two dozen impact areas, which we aggregated into 13 categories.
  • We simulated 14 difference climate change scenarios (two global emissions scenarios and seven climate models downscaled to Canada) and quantified the individual and combined impact of each impact area across scenarios.

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Download our technical report or visit the Canadian Climate Institute’s report webpage.

This study was commissioned and funded by the Canadian Climate Institute.

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