Simulating zero emission vehicle adoption and economic impacts in Canada

April, 2020


The adoption of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) is a key action for decarbonizing Canada’s transport sector. This project, commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation, simulates the adoption of ZEVs in Canada through 2040. It answers two questions: First, what level of ZEV adoption and related economic activity is likely in Canada based on the declining cost of ZEVs, consumer preferences and current federal and provincial policies? Second, what are the adoption and economic impacts of implementing stronger ZEV-supportive policies?


  • ZEV-related economic activity currently contributes around $1.1 billion to Canada’s GDP and employs 10,000 people.
  • Canada is not on track to achieve its targets for ZEV adoption of 30% by 2030 and 100% by 2040.
  • A national ZEV mandate could achieve these targets while boosting ZEV-related economic activity to $152 billion of GDP and 1.1 million workers by 2040.

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This study was commissioned and funded by the International Council on Clean Transportation.

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