The Team

Our consultants have been active in the energy and climate change field for over a decade, and are recognized as some of Canada’s leading experts in modeling the response of economic and energy systems to greenhouse gas policies.

Jotham Peters, Managing Partner


Managing partner and primary model developer at Navius, with experience advising governments and organizations about energy and climate policy since 2006.

Headshot of Michael Wolinetz

Michael Wolinetz, Partner


Lead techno-economic modeller for Navius Research since 2008, responsible for designing and executing energy and climate policy forecasting analyses using several quantitative models.

Headshot of Noel Melton

Noel Melton, Partner


Consultant and published researcher providing insights to governments and other clients about the impact of energy and climate policies since 2008.

Brianne Riehl, Communications Manager

Climate and energy policy researcher and advisor since 2015, responsible for translating Navius’ complex modeling results into real-world insights.

Barbar Moawad, Senior Analyst

Barbar has over 5 years of experience in energy systems and climate solutions. His research focuses on climate policy and assessing the potential of clean energy technologies.

Brett Zuehlke, Systems Manager

Brett comes to Navius with a background in environmental sciences and a diverse set of skills including statistical modelling and spatial analysis.

Mikela Hein, Senior Analyst

Mikela joins Navius after the completion of her Masters Degree. Having spent the last few years studying Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University, she is excited to continue her work in the field of climate policy and energy-economy modeling.

Franziska Förg, Analyst

Franziska joins Navius with a diverse background in energy-economy modeling, policy analysis, earth system studies, and spatial research methods.

Aurora Marstokk, Analyst

Aurora has a background in environmental economics, climate change, environmental policy, spatial analysis, and econometrics. She also has experience as a research assistant at the University of British Columbia.

Carlie Owen, Analyst

Carlie joins Navius with a background in engineering with a focus on power generation, and a passion for sustainability. She aims to bring a systematic approach to informing climate and energy policy.

Sam Harrison, Analyst

With a background in energy systems engineering and economics, Sam has worked for governments, utilities, and NGOs on climate and energy policy since 2015.