Barbar Moawad, Senior Analyst

Barbar has over 5 years of experience in energy systems and climate solutions. He completed a Master of Engineering in Clean Energy at the University of British Columbia in 2014. Following graduation, he worked as an energy efficiency consultant, analysed climate policies for two of Canada’s leading sustainable energy think tanks, and advised clean technology businesses. 

Barbar joined Navius in 2016 and is part of the company’s modelling team. His research focuses on climate policy and assessing the potential of clean energy technologies. He is especially interested in clean transportation, the hydrogen economy, and renewable energy generation. Recent projects include quantifying Canada’s clean energy economy, summarizing California and Quebec’s ZEV mandates, and contributing to the 2019 Biofuels in Canada report.

Outside of work, Barbar likes to eat. He tries to perfect his grandma’s recipes at home and is always on the look-out for the best bites in town. To burn off the calories, he enjoys cycling and playing volleyball.

Picture of Torsten in Vancouver

Our Team

Jotham Peters
Jotham PetersSenior Partner
Managing partner and primary model developer at Navius, with experience advising governments and organizations about energy and climate policy since 2006.
Michael Wolinetz
Michael WolinetzPartner
Lead techno-economic modeller for Navius Research since 2008, responsible for designing and executing energy and climate policy forecasting analyses using several quantitative models.
Noel Melton
Noel MeltonPartner
Consultant and published researcher providing insights to governments and other clients about the impact of energy and climate policies since 2008.