Jotham Peters, Managing Partner

Jotham Peters specializes in energy-economy models and the analysis of energy and climate policies. He has an extensive knowledge and understanding of Canada’s and the United States’ energy-economy systems, and how this understanding is best represented within quantitative models.

Jotham’s roles at Navius include:

  • Project management and communication: oversees many projects undertaken by Navius to ensure they meet our clients’ needs. He enjoys communicating the results of our analyses so they are fully understood.
  • Quantitative modeling: Jotham is passionate about designing and using models to provide insight into energy markets.
  • Company direction: provides strategic direction for Navius, and also oversees its daily operations.

Outside Navius, Jotham is a husband and father to two kids, who keep their dad humble. He is also an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University, and enjoys advising students on their research. Finally, to keep his aspirations of being an athlete alive, he engages in a variety of activities, including weight training, rock climbing, cycling, among others.

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Our Team

Jotham Peters
Jotham PetersSenior Partner
Managing partner and primary model developer at Navius, with experience advising governments and organizations about energy and climate policy since 2006.
Michael Wolinetz
Michael WolinetzPartner
Lead techno-economic modeller for Navius Research since 2008, responsible for designing and executing energy and climate policy forecasting analyses using several quantitative models.
Noel Melton
Noel MeltonPartner
Consultant and published researcher providing insights to governments and other clients about the impact of energy and climate policies since 2008.